Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end

― Igor Stravinsky

Announcing brand new Paattu Petti App

About Us

Paattu Petti online radio is nourished by the passion, love and energy of three women, Anu, Aparna, and Varna who lives in Melbourne; originally from different towns of Kerala; They were introduced to each other by common friends and soon identified a common passion and, a common pain! Music was their passion and Nostalgia was their pain.

And the Solution was PAATTU PETTI !!!

Recommended listening procedure:

pour yourself a hot cup of filter coffee and settle back in the company of the greatest musicians and singers of Indian Cinema !

Dedicate a Song

Send your messages and dedication songs to your loved ones from the PAATTU PETTI App, while the song is playing on the radio

Shout-out an Audio Message

Send short voice notes or shout-outs in YOUR OWN voice for someone deserving, to be broadcast from the PAATTU PETTI App

Wake up to some sweet nostalgia

Set multiple alarms on the PAATTU PETTI App to start your day with your favorite songs, or to brighten up your day during daily mundane tasks

Our Vision and Philosophy

There is something ironic about the fact that the internet - the most modern, and ever-advancing of creations - can also afford listeners a much-needed break from the modern world in the form of a nostalgia-driven online radio station.

Well, here is a road which takes you home!

Come home to the untrammelled delight of amazing music . . .
and memories borne along.


We have completely re-modelled the way we bring your favourite songs to you and rebuilt the App to include feedback from all our PAATTU PETTI FRIENDS

Our new model is packed with sweet nostalgic treats for YOU !


Evoke diverse nuances of nostalgia with surprise drops to shift the mood

Handpicked Playlists/

Carefully Handpicked playlists to make the day and set hearts on fire

Creative Countdowns/

Daily Countdowns and Charts to bring back cherished moments and memories

/Interact with Paattu Petti Crew

Reach out to Paattu Petti Crew easily - by WhatsApp, Email or Call directly from the Mobile App

/Live Dedications

Send your messages and dedication songs to your loved ones in the Paattu Petti App, while the song is playing on the radio

/Shout-Outs in your own voice

Send short voice notes or shout-outs in your own voice for someone deserving, to be broadcast from the Paattu Petti mobile App

In addition to the native Android and iOS Apps which can be easily installed on your devices from the App Stores, the new App is available on Android TV and Apple TV.

Also, the new PAATTU PETTI App is compatible with Apple Watch and Android Auto.

Playlists & Countdowns

Here is a quick sneak peek to some of our hand-picked playlists and countdowns

150,000 +


150 +


500 +


5 +

Years of
Music & Memories...

download now

If you have an old version of Paattu Petti App running on your device, we recommend you uninstall that, because we have decommissioned it and hence it will not be supported.

Please download from the links below to install the latest version of PAATTU PETTI App !

Available on

Google Play | App Store | Android TV | Apple TV

Compatible with Apple Watch and Android Auto

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You can also email us directly to or reach us on WhatsApp at +61 413 422 725

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